Castillo de Arteaga

Dive into another age

Stay in a residence bequeathed by the emperors themselves

Fairy-tale setting

Days and nights you won’t forget. Unique sunrises and sunsets. Come and experience them at Castillo de Arteaga, our home. Our dream.

 Arteaga Castle was refurbished by Maria Eugenia de Montijo Empress and ornamental and decorative elements are still preserved nowadays. They maintain the essence and the atmosphere of forgotten ages.

Now it is a magnificent hotel, masterfully mixing period furniture with contemporary elements.

Gaztelu Maitea, our restaurant

An idyllic place due to its incomparable setting, not only to enjoy great cuisine, but also for any personal event or business lunch. In turn, the aperitif or after-meal can be held in the living room that precedes the dining room, perfect for both occasions.

In Gaztelu Maitea you will find a pleasant and intimate space where you can carry out any meeting around a good table in which you only need an exquisite atmosphere, attentive service and a haute cuisine menu.

Logotipo de Relais & Châteaux

Our castle is the only hotel in Bizkaia that belongs to the prestigious ranking Relais & Châteaux, which includes the best hotels and restaurants from all around the world.

This publication makes a meticulous selection of hotels and restaurants where you can stay or taste great chefs’ haute cuisine.

It’s a select roadmap that introduces you a different way of travelling and discovering local culture, including the best conveniences and a stop at Castillo de Arteaga.

Celebrate your big day in an unbeatable setting and an incomparable natural environment in our castle and its large dining room.

Castillo de Arteaga’s annual closure will begin on 17th December. It will reopen in March 2024.