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Let yourself into another age

Arteaga Castle was refurbished by Maria Eugenia de Montijo Empress and ornamental and decorative elements are still preserved nowadays. They maintain the essence and the atmosphere of forgotten ages.

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You must taste...

  • Caramelized French toast with brioche bread, milk ice cream and Irish coffee
  • Imperial cake with warm milk cream and cinnamon ice-cream
  • Chocolate and banana fluid sponge cake, toasted hazelnut ice cream


Castles Relay

The Castillo de Arteaga belongs to the prestigious Castles Relay association


Weddings and events

Could you imagine any better place to celebrate your great day?


Romantic Dinners

The atmosphere, our cuisine and wines... every detail makes the difference in a special occasion


Menus from € 50

Enjoy a gastronomic tour through the castle thanks to our special menus.


Right in Urdaibai Reserve

Our castle is placed in Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, named UNESCO World Heritage.


Book or wine Cellar

Book our wine cellar for small group dinners and events. A magic place.

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